Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Non stamping Polish (konad and otherwise)

Hi friends,

When I first started nail stamping, I only used the Konad Special Polishes. Granted, I started out with only black and white, but they seemed to be the best options. Since then I’ve learned that there are some other polishes that work, too.

My stamping polishes have evolved slowly.  I really admire the bloggers who can get any polish to stamp well, but I'm just not that good ...  Here , I've found a few lists of polishes that stamps well, considering:

1. Metallic Polishes
2.  Opaque Quick Drying Polishes
So here is the list of polish.:
1. 107 -Bronzy Brown - Newu click here
2. 87- Razzmatazz- Newu
3. 220- Blackout- Maybelline
4. 008-Bold Gold- Maybelline
5. 503- Denim Dash- Maybelline
6. 403- Blueberry Ice
7. 604- Red Carpet - Maybelline Glitter Mania
8. 218-  Crazy berry - Maybelline
9. 28- Foolzy click here to find
10. 07- Foolzy
11. 35- Foolzy
12. S631- Blood Red - Health & Glow
13. 37- Exclusive - Colorbar
14. 88- Neon pink- Newu

Here are the swatches of the non stamping polishes:


Here is my stash of  stamping polishes...... :)


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