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I had an opportunity to attend and understand the Journey of DNA study. XCode Life is a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company founded in 2011. It was named after the X chromosome which is shared by all humans. XCode was founded by Dr. Abdur Rub and Dr. Saleem Mohammed, two passionate scientists who were among the early crop of PhD scholars, during the completion of the Human Genome Project. Abdur Rub is the co-founder and CTO at Xcode Life, a global personal genomics company specializing in Bioinformatics and Health analytics using state of the art Genomics and AI technologies

 Xcode Life is a genetics, bioinformatics and health analytics company which offers a variety of services including genetic testing and health reporting services using DNA raw data from all major international companies​ ​including​ ​23andme,​ ​Family​ ​Tree​ ​DNA,​ ​Ancestry​ ​DNA​ ​and​ ​Helix. Xcode Life’s primary focus is to provide expert genetic reports in a variety of consumer and clinical domains that include personalized nutrition and fitness, precision medicine, skin, allergy and preventive health programs along with genetic counseling. The company is now expanding its reach into infertility, transplant, oncology, non-invasive prenatal testing where the tests will focus on response to hormonal therapy, male infertility, hereditary cancers, newborn screening and miscarriage and ancestry related information. The company works with professionals such as physicians, dietitians, fitness and others in augmenting​ ​their​ ​practice​ ​with​ ​genetics

Dr. Abdur ub is the co founder and C at code life, a global personal genomics company        specialiing in Bioinformatics and Health analytics using state of the art Genomics and AI         technologies. Abdur co founded code life Sciences in , to pursue his passion of making an impact on the current state of healthcare by facilitating access to cutting edge and affordable health information. Abdurs specialities range from molecular diagnostics, D management to scientific marketing, using which he aims to ​make an impact on the current state of  healthcare and wellness by facilitating access to state of the art technologies to everyone. Prior to code, Abdur has held various senior management positions in academia and industry. His past appointments included that of CE of Cell Diagnostics, Singapore, ice President of research, Credo Biomedical, Singapore and Head of In itro Diagnostics, ASA, Singapore. He is also the recipient of a number of esteemed awards such as the ASA young Scientist Award in and several international competitive Grant Awards for​ ​scientific​ ​research.  

Knowing your ancestry will help you realise your rich and unique heritage and your connection with the world. With Origin, you get to learn about your global heritage as well as a deeper understanding of your Indian heritage and relationship with various Indian ethnic groups. Learning about your ancestry is about discovering your connection with world. It’s about uncovering your unique genetic past, which eventually leads to the realization that we are all bound together in a connective fabric, not in a metaphorical sense, but in the real, scientific sense. The genetic ancestry test is capable of re-writing all rules of populations, boundaries, ethnicities, race and caste. It’s capable of ending human conflicts and leading to a harmonious world.

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